10 Ways Beacons Will Change #SEO

10 Ways Beacons Will Change #SEO

Beacons, the in-store devices that help retailers communicate with consumers on their mobile devices and theoretically enhance the in-store shopping experience, could mean big changes in SEO as they evolve.

First and foremost, given the interaction can only occur when consumers are within a specific geographic range, beacons will increase the importance of local search – and they may force businesses to make local more of a priority in order to influence potential customers about where they want to go to obtain the products or services they are searching for in near-me moments on their mobile devices.

“With this visibility in the SERPs, a visitor would receive information about the businesses that surround them so they can choose where they would like to go to obtain the services, which would put them in range of the beacon and allow the brick and mortar location to market directly to them,” said Nathan Stenberg, organic SEO specialist for integrated marketing agency Anvil Media.

1. Beacons Could Enhance the Importance of Hyper-Local Search

2. Beacons Could Yield Even More Personalised Search Results

3. Beacons Could Become a Ranking Signal – and Improve Local Results

4. Beacons Could Pull in Data from Devices, Which Could Further Influence Results

5. Beacons Could Spur Consumers to Query What Their Friends Like

6. Beacons Could Help Marketers Better Anticipate Consumer Needs

7. Beacons Could Mean Opportunities to Optimise Within Open Networks

8. Beacons Could Serve as an Alternative in Attribution and Better Inform Retargeting and SEO

9. Beacons Could Better Inform Data Collection

10. Conclusion

Beacons present an opportunity for both retailers to learn more about their customers – and to use that information to better hone the offers they present – as well as for consumers to conduct even more nuanced queries.

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