Ecommerce growth and technology developments show no signs of slowing pace in 2016, as these predictions illustrate.

2015 was quite a year for online retailers. In the last few months in particular we have seen huge gains in the marketplace. Ecommerce went social as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest unveiled shopping features, and in the last few months alone events like China’s Singles Day and the US’s (and now in many other territories) Black Friday discounts saw online sales receive a boost of billions.

So what will 2016 hold for the industry?

1. Greater use of web-based tech in warehouses

2. Pick-and-pack technology companies will thrive

3. Growing consumer trust will boost cross-border sales

4. Trackable shipping will become the norm

5. Same-day shipping will become more popular

6. Easy returns will be a key differentiator

7. Mobile commerce will continue to rise (but desktop will still dominate)

8. Luxury will go online

9. Fraudsters and hackers will keep getting smarter

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9 Ecommerce and Fulfilment Predictions for 2016

9 Ecommerce and Fulfilment Predictions for 2016

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