Brexit consequences “The UK is still the top choice for ecommerce in Europe”

James and James Fulfilment’s James Hyde on Brexit consequences, the UK’s ecommerce strength and the how this might all affect EU regulations.

The Brexit vote has cause a lot of uncertainty in the business world, and there are plenty of questions to be answered, but it won’t have any significant effect on trade. In fact, the UK is still the top choice for ecommerce fulfilment and remains the largest market for online shopping in Europe.

Here’s why:

  • The United Kingdom will remain an excellent choice as a gateway to Europe and will continue to enjoy free trade.
  • The UK is the largest ecommerce market in Europe at £52 billion, nearly twice the size of France.
  • The UK is currently the world leader in ecommerce accounting for 14.5% of all purchases.
  • Britain has the highest spend per online shopper within Europe.
  • The UK is an English language market, so requires minimal product labelling changes.

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