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In the World Wide Web, cache is a location, or locations, where web pages or other elements are stored in memory so they can be retrieved quickly.

Here’s a simplified description in layman’s terms (in reality the web is more complicated than this, but the point’s the same).

Web servers and browsers use HTML instructions to build pages one at a time from components that are stored in different locations. Without cache these pages will have to be built every time the server is asked for the page. Cache stores that page in memory so it can be used over and over again.

For a WordPress website there are three types of cache:

Browser – a place on your computer or device where your browser stores the information about a website that doesn’t change often. Rather than downloading the same information every time you visit the website, the browser pulls the information from its memory. The web page loads faster and the network uses less data.
Cache Plugin – a plugin designed specifically to deliver premade web pages, speeding up the time it takes to recreate the page from HTML instructions.

Server Cache – using their own cache plugins or scripts your host might store premade web pages in memory to deliver to your visitors, reducing the load on the server.

A problem can occur when one or more types of cache doesn’t recognise a website’s update or doesn’t consider it significant enough to clear its memory and reload the page. As you can see from this short list, cache for WordPress websites are stored in several places. You might or might not need to clear them all. We will start with the most common area to purge and move on to the least common.
Clearing Browser Cache

If only you are affected then you should clear your browsing data. Clearing the cache is different for each browser, but practically all of them have a cache clearing option in their options or settings.

Here are the most popular and the steps it takes to clear their cache:

Chrome – Settings (three dots), More Tools, Clear Browsing Data

Firefox – Menu (hamburger), Options, Advanced, Network, Cached Web Content, Clear Now

Safari – Options, Reset Safari, Remove All Website Data

Edge – Options (three dots), Settings, Clear Browsing Data

If you only want to load a page without using cache then simply hit the F5 key. The page will reload without using the cached files. This doesn’t clear the browser cache.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions please just comment below.

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