It’s official: By uninstalling the official Facebook app for iOS and opting to use the social network website on Safari in its place, you can save up to 15% battery power every day. We already knew that the app was affecting the Android’s battery life, but now we can confirm the problem also exists on iPhone.

This discovery is not an assumption, but a test that was made by an editor from The Guardian newspaper. The journalist noticed that after uninstalling the Facebook app, his battery lasted 15% longer than when the app was installed. Instead of using the app to browse Facebook, he accessed the website through the device browser.

In order to prove his point, the editor was not alone during this experiment – he also invited numerous people to do the same. The results were clear.

This tests proved that Facebook not only affected the battery life of the device, but also the memory space as the Facebook app consumes 500MB, combining the 111MB of the app itself and its cache on the mobile.

So if you want to save 15% more battery, and free up some memory space, you know what to do.


Does your iPhone run out of battery fast?

Does your iPhone run out of battery fast?


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