Until now, WhatsApp had a limit of 100 members per conversation group. This limit is due to increase to 256 people (yes, random number, we know) as part of the next update. Can you imagine 256 people in a group? I do, and frankly, it gives me the creeps.

It appears that WhatsApp may be following in the footsteps of its direct rival Telegram, that just a couple of months ago announced that it was to start facilitating groups that could contain up to 1000 members.What group would need 1000 members?

Of course, some WhatsApp groups can occassionally be helpful, I may go as far as to even say fun, however sometimes you do feel it would be better if they just ceased to exist.

Bet you can’t wait to start getting those notifications!

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Fed up of WhatsApp groups? If so, you're going to hate this new feature

Fed up of WhatsApp groups? If so, you’re going to hate this new feature

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