As part of the Business Broadband section we’re introducing our resident troubleshooter, who will not only be writing advice articles on how you can make the best of the broadband you have, but also take on business broadband questions from the public.

One would hope business broadband providers would make more effort to ensure customers are getting the best from the broadband service they are paying for.
But alas the size of many providers means you are just one of many small invoices they raise each month. It is not a hard and fast rule, but some of the smaller less well known names, such as those who don’t spend large sums of money on TV advertising, can often provide a much better broadband support experience and in some cases are a lot better at chasing the Openreach local loop operator to get faults resolved.

So what are five things you can do to improve your business broadband?

1) Compare the market – simples!
2) Check what new services may be available to you
3) If business broadband breaks it means responses to customer emails are not happening
4) If your business broadband is bad
5) The continuing superfast broadband roll-outs may hold hope for some, but all too often

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