Google Penguin why you cannot fix your website

“The sentence was handed down, the punishment was served, and you don’t owe it to Google to continue to suffer from your self-imposed exile from the SERPs. […]

Stop waiting for Google to ‘fix’ Penguin. You don’t even know if you have tracked down all the links that Penguin declared to be toxic. Many of you have clearly been disavowing or removing very good links that were helping your sites.

When the Penguin rolls out again (assuming it does as Google believes it shall) some people will be very happy but I am convinced on the basis of past experience that way too many people are going to be immensely disappointed with the results.

Worse, everything that you are waiting to do until after the next Penguin release is stuff you SHOULD be doing now because it WILL HELP now. Unless you’re just waiting to go out and spam again.”


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