How have recent changes in Google’s mobile SERP display impacted traffic, and what can you do about it? Contributor Jonathan Hunt lays it out.

It has been a year of change at Google. A barrage of updates to the format of mobile search result pages have thrown the organic search performance for many retailers into chaos.

Many of these changes are related to increases in what we call “rich answers.” These changes primarily take two forms: increased frequency of rich answers and alterations in the positioning of rich answers. (Hint: They’re now largely showing above the first organic listing, rather than between listings 1 and 2.)

Aside from rich answers, we’ve also seen changes to a couple of paid placements that have had similarly strong impacts on organic search performance for retailers, especially those with established brands that have brick-and-mortar locations. All of these changes suggest that Google is in the midst of a major mobile transition.

Our aim here is to help show where Google has been, where it’s going and where we need to be.

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Google’s Year Of Change Hits Mobile Retail

Google’s Year Of Change Hits Mobile Retail

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