Mobile voice search: the game changer

A recent Yahoo study of 500,000 queries from Yahoo mobile search, performed by 50,000 unique users of the voice search interface over a six month period, found the following:

That voice search was more focused on audio-video content
Direct answer cards and food recipes were presented much higher on voice search compared to keyword typing
Voice search queries are not only longer but much richer
Voice search queries tend to focus on topics that require less interaction with the device’s touch screen

A few things we need to do immediately based on this study. The first is inspect our universal SERP result presence. The second is to write with rich natural language to increase your content quality.

The same study also thinks that engines need to experiment and factor in phonetic characteristics (e.g. searcher’s stress, speed and intonation for search personalisation) to really allow voice search to excel and become even more personalised.

Welcome to the future.

But to survive for the future of search our present foundations need to be solid. Let’s lay the foundation.

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