Pokémon Go fans, stay privacy-aware

Pokémon Go fans, stay privacy-aware

You are probably running to catch your next Pokémon and we can’t blame you, this game is so much fun! But take notice, the wildly popular app has drawn the attention of hackers, too.

Researchers found a malware-infected version of the Pokémon Go app for Android. The copy was modified to include a RAT. No, it’s not a new type of Pokémon, but a remote access Trojan that gives cyber-criminals full control over a victim’s mobile phone.

Pokémon Go also sparked privacy-concerns as its iOS version requested full access to Google accounts, whenever Google was used as a sign-in option. The issue was quickly fixed. Pokemon Go on iOS no longer requests full access to Google accounts when a Google is used as a sign-in option.

Tips to consider

Whether you’re an avid Pokémon Go player or not, remember to review app permissions when installing any mobile application.

Also, if Pokémon Go is not yet available in your country, don’t rush into downloading it from third-party online markets; who knows what’s lurking in there? Trojans, backdoors and ransomware are not collectibles!

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Pokemon Go: privacy and security concerns you should be aware of

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