Google reveals cost of buying back

Cost of Google’s domain slip-up revealed

In 2015, Google had to buy back its domain name from an ex-employee who owned it for about a minute.

Sanmay Ved was able to buy for just $12, making him the owner of the world’s most visited web domain.
Google quickly spotted the error and refunded his purchase.

Ved had previously revealed that Google’s security team had contacted him to offer a reward for spotting the unusual error, but there was no mention of the amount.

Google later revealed in a blog post, as spotted by, that it paid Ved $6,006.13 – an amount with a hidden message. The figure subtly spells out the word ‘Google’ (if you squint a bit).

Google doubled the amount after Ved announced that he would donate the fee to a charity called ‘The Art of Living India’, which aims to bring education to poorer parts of the country.

Google, along with many other large companies, routinely awards cash prizes to people who report security bugs.

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Google reveals cost of buying back

Google reveals cost of buying back

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