If you’ve got an iPhone, at some point you may have found yourself having to frantically delete photos and videos in order to make space for whatever reason. Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Popular website Buzzfeed recently published a beautiful and quick-fix trick to overcome this problem, and gain you a few hundred MBs in literally seconds. Want to find out how?

What to do:

1) Check your storage situation in Settings – General. You must have less than 1GB for this to work.

2) Open iTunes and look for a long(ish) movie, preferably in HD (the biggest file possible!)

3) Click on either the rent or buy links – but do not type your password in or use TouchID to complete the purchase.

Hopefully, you won’t have enough space to download the movie, and you will be prompted with a warning message

Now, go back to your storage settings to see that in an attempt to make space for the download, your iPhone had to get rid of any temporary files it may have had. Some people have even managed to get rid of up to 1GB! It’s important to note that you can repeat a few times, or at least until you find it doesn’t give you any extra MB.

What was your outcome?

Top Trick clear hundreds of MB of space on iPhone in seconds

Top Trick: clear hundreds of MB of space on iPhone in seconds




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