Watch out! These 7 apps are killing your mobile battery

Watch out! These 7 apps are killing your mobile battery

Ever find yourself thinking how it’s possible to completely drain your battery within a matter of hours, even after the device has been charging all night?

There are loads of different reasons as to why our batteries aren’t lasting. Whether it’s keeping our Wi-Fi activated while out of the house, or having the brightness of our screens on full tilt, we’ve all become aware of what the sources of the problem are. But, what about the apps you use?

Well, it may surprise you that many of the most popular apps on the market are to blame for your low battery life, but which ones are the worst?

We strongly recommend to follow as many of these instructions as you can, in order to start making the most of your battery. It may not be necessary for you to apply all of the changes listed, however if you find that your battery is still not lasting long enough after adjusting a few, you may want to think about applying all of them.

Here are 7 apps which are draining your battery:

1. Facebook

2. Candy Crush Saga

3. WhatsApp Messenger

4. Twitter

5. Skype

6. Google Maps

7. Spotify

Apps don’t just affect our battery consumption – they can also eat into our mobile data allowance, meaning that many of us can’t make it to the end of the month without having to request or pay for more data from our mobile providers.

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