We can all be found guilty of making daft choices while under the influence of alcohol, but shopping while drunk can work out to be quite expensive – as proven with this list of weird spending decisions.

Sometimes, being inebriated on an evening out can mean that, when the following morning rolls around, the events that have taken place the night before are forgotten. However, if you’ve been making weird spending decisions then it’s safe to say that your bank statement will soon sober you up.
According to online marketplace Flubit.com, some two million UK consumers are thought to have shopped on the web after drinking alcohol.
We’re not just talking a new pair of shoes or a pair of jeans either – the most expensive of the weird spending decisions resulted in someone becoming the new owner of a £6,500 Volvo.
Flubit referred to ONS data that found that the money shoppers spent online increased by a fifth over the past year. The company also noted that the average adult sits online for two hours each week when browsing for items.

Following on from the Volvo, another pricey purchase from the stack of weird spending decisions had one shopper cough up £1,700 for a return flight to the US, while another bought a personalised licence plate for £300.

The full top ten list of weird spending decisions people made while drunk includes:
(1) A snake
(2) Two turtles
(3) Grease Barbie dolls
(4) Take That Greatest Hits on VHS
(5) A horse head from Amazon
(6) A plastic croaking frog
(7) A digeridoo
(8) A compass cutter
(9) A telescope
(10) Garden strimmer
The data from Flubit also found that the most popular time for weird spending decisions is the early hours of Sunday morning, between 3am and 4am.

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