A 301 Redirect Explained

A ‘301 Redirect’ is a server instruction given to all requests for a page by a browser (an Internet user), a search engine bot, or any other server request for that matter. A 301 redirect means, essentially, “this page has permanently moved, it has moved to…”.

As there is now a permanent instruction that the page address has moved, this also means that backlinks to your pages will also continue to count towards your backlink profile.

301 Redirects and SEO

The backlink profile around each of the pages on your website form part of the analysis of Google’s ranking algorithm when determining the value (or authority) of each page.

With the 301 redirect instruction implemented, the value of existing backlinks pointing to the old URL will still be retained. This is sometimes referred to as ‘301 redirect link juice’ – essentially, you’re retaining the value of the external link to the old page by redirecting it to the new one.

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What are 301 redirects?

What are 301 redirects?

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