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Why You May Need to Create Better Keywords

If you’ve been running your site for a while, chances are you’re already familiar with the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You probably have a good internal linking strategy, solid meta descriptions, and a decent keyword strategy too. However, it’s easy to become complacent when it comes to your choice of keywords, which can lead to a stagnation in your organic traffic.

Let’s discuss complacency. This means choosing keywords at random, or opting for more flexible keywords than useful ones. These are small oversights that can impact your long term search engine results, so you need to be on top of them. If you’re not aware of what good keywords can do for you, let’s break it down quickly:

• They can increase your organic traffic. You can always pay for clicks and views, but search engine traffic (also called organic) is the holy grail of sources. Simply produce good content with solid keywords, and wait for the results to come in.

• You can use them to find untapped sources of visitors. The right keywords can enable you to tap into overlooked niches, giving you an advantage.

• Make your content sound more natural. Ideally, you want your keywords to fade into the background of your content. If you take every chance you have to stuff them in, the quality of your articles will suffer.

Let’s take a minute to step back and go over an example of what constitutes a suboptimal keyword strategy.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Conversions Through Social Media

According to estimates from Statista, by the end of 2017, there will be around 2.7 billion social media users in the world – a figure that is expected to rise by about 7 percent each year.

This fact alone should cause all social media marketers to sit up and consider the opportunities for their own marketing campaigns.

But let’s be honest.

While opportunities abound, social media marketing is complicated.

Targeting the social media crowd is like targeting a moveable feast. It is never static.

People come and go quickly in social media and their interests change from one day to the next.

So, before you invest heavily in any social media marketing campaign, you really need to understand the landscape.

The rewards can be high and also immediate if you strike the right note with your target audience. Miss the target and you could exhaust your social media budget very quickly.

And, while it’s important to build relationships with a social media environment, you must remember that relationship building is simply a strategy it is not the end goal. Foremost business the end goal of any social media marketing strategy is to boost engagement and increase conversions.

You may be well branded, you may be well-known, but if you are not increasing the bottom line through your social media marketing, then you cannot really justify the investment.

With that in mind, here are seven strategies you can develop for your own industry in order to boost conversion through social media marketing.

These strategies are fairly straightforward. It’s up to you to put in the work and develop a strategy into an effective marketing tool

1. Schedule Your Social Media Interactions
2. Repurpose & Reshare Your Content
3. Optimise the Message for Each Network
4. Ensure Links Point to Relevant Landing Pages
5. Pay Attention to What’s Working
6. Make Your Social Content Informative
7. Create Captivating Headlines

Hope this helps you with your Social Media?

Social Media

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Siri, Safari and Google Search: What does it mean for marketers?

Columnist Jim Yu explains how Apple’s recent announcements and updates to Siri and Safari have had a major impact on the search marketing industry.
Apple has recently made some significant changes to both Siri and Safari, with potentially far-reaching implications for digital marketers.
First, Apple has announced that results for its AI-powered digital assistant, Siri, will now be provided by Google rather than Bing. This interesting development encompasses two of the most important areas of modern search marketing: voice search and mobile. As such, SEOs will be paying close attention to how this might affect their strategies and their reporting.
The launch of the latest version of Apple’s Safari browser also brought with it controversial updates that could significantly impact the digital media industry. By introducing stringent new measures that will prevent third-party cookies from tracking Safari users for more than 24 hours, Apple has made a clear statement about the importance of consumer privacy.
Equally, it has forced some advertisers to rethink their approaches to tracking — and reporting on — digital marketing campaigns. Given the prominent positions of voice search, mobile SEO and data privacy in many industry discussions today, it would be fair to say that Apple has taken a stance.

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Google’s mobile-first index has rolled out for some sites & will be implemented very slowly

Gary Illyes from Google would not give us any timelines, but the rollout of the mobile-first index is going well, and a blog post about the process should be out soon.

The mobile-first index has started to slowly roll out, at least for a “few sites,” Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes told an audience last night at the SMX East conference in New York City.

It is unclear how many sites have already switched over to the mobile-first indexing process, but, when I asked Illyes to clarify what he meant by “a few sites,” he said a few relative to the Google index. So that could be quite a large number of websites.

He said there is no reason to panic about the rollout because Google is still testing it and will be rolling it out incredibly slowly. He added that there is no foreseeable time when the mobile-first index will be fully implemented.

The admission came as a surprise as we did not expect the rollout to begin until next year, but it seems positive test results have encouraged Google to move forward.

In selecting sites to be switched over, Google has set up “classifiers” to define how ready a site is for the mobile-first index. Classifiers determine how equal or comparable the desktop site is to the mobile site when it comes to content, links, schema, multimedia, etc.

If the content, links, schema and so on all match at a 100 percent level, Google is more likely to take that site to the mobile-first indexing stage. If they are at an 80 percent level, Google might wait and communicate to the webmaster that there are specific changes that need to be made to the mobile site to get it closer to being 100 percent comparable.

In any event, Gary Illyes said the purpose of rolling it out to a limited number of sites is to test it more. The tests seem to be going very well, and it will gradually roll out to more sites over time. He said the rollout will go incredibly slowly, and Google will communicate the process to webmasters along the way.

Google also has a blog post in the works that will be published at some point helping webmasters and SEOs understand the process. The company won’t provide a timeline or ETA for the rollout or the blog post, but Illyes confirms they are on the way.

Are you Mobile ready?

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Not SEO however Happy Halloween to you all

Halloween 2017: The reasons we celebrate today and why children trick-or-treat

Every year we wear scary outfits, bob for apples and carve pumpkins on Halloween – but why?

What is Halloween?

Well, Halloween or Hallowe’en (a contraction of All Hallows’ Evening), also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a spooky celebration observed every year in a number of countries on October 31 – the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day, also known as All Saints’ Day. In 2017, Halloween falls on a Tuesday.

The Americanised (Americanized?) Halloween that we experience today actually originated in the Celtic fringes of Britain, and was adapted over the decades by Christian traditions, immigrants’ conventions and an insatiable desire for sweets.
What is the history behind Halloween?
The origin of the festival is disputed, and there are both pagan and Christian practices that have evolved into what Halloween is like today.

Some believe it originates from the Celtic pagan festival of Samhain, meaning ‘Summer’s End’ which celebrated the end of harvest season.

Gaels believed that it was a time when the walls between our world and the next became thin and porous, allowing spirits to pass through, come back to life on the day and damage their crops.
Places were set at the dinner table to appease and welcome the spirits. Gaels would also offer food and drink, and light bonfires to ward off the evil spirits.

The origins of trick or treating and dressing up were in the 16th century in Ireland, Scotland and Wales where people went door-to-door in costume asking for food in exchange for a poem or song.

Many dressed up as souls of the dead and were understood to be protecting themselves from the spirits by impersonating them. More about that below.

The Christian origin of the holiday is that it falls on the days before the feast of All Hallows, which was set in the eighth century to attempt to stamp out pagan celebrations. Christians would honour saints and pray for souls who have not yet reached heaven.

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The new Amazon Key can unlock doors to deliver Prime orders

Amazon will offer a smart-home system that allows drivers to deliver packages inside homes. Amazon Key comes a month after Walmart announced a test of in-home grocery delivery.

Amazon.com Inc. wants customers to come home to packages delivered inside their doors.

Amazon, No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2017 Top 500, said it will offer a service called Amazon Key, available only to Prime customers, that will allow delivery drivers to place shoppers’ Amazon orders inside their homes, even when no one is home.

In addition to being a Prime customer, a shopper who wants to use this service must own an Amazon Key In-Home Kit, a smart-home system that starts at $249.99 and comes with an Amazon Cloud Cam and one of several smart locks made by Yale and Kwikset.

Amazon Key works without keys or pass codes. Customers will receive a notification through the Amazon Key app letting them know when a driver is getting close. Delivery drivers request access to a home using an Amazon handheld scanner after knocking first, and Amazon confirms that it’s the correct delivery person, though it did not spell out how it verifies the driver’s identity. If a customer is home and does not want an in-home delivery, she can opt to block access and the driver will leave the order outside. The shopper can also opt to block access if she is not home and doesn’t want the driver entering her home. Customers can watch the delivery occur via the internet-connected camera.

“Amazon Key gives customers peace of mind knowing their orders have been safely delivered to their homes and are waiting for them when they walk through their doors,” said Amazon vice president of delivery technology Peter Larsen.

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Facebook’s newest test separates out retailers’ posts into another feed

The social network is running tests in six countries in which it puts posts from pages into another feed on Facebook.
pular articles, videos and photos that’s tailored to users based on the information Facebook knows about them.
It may soon be harder for retailers to capture consumers’ attention on Facebook.

The social network is running tests in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala and Cambodia in which it separates posts from pages, such as those run by a retailer or brand, into another feed on Facebook.

“The goal of this test is to understand if people prefer to have separate places for personal and public content,” writes Adam Mosseri, head of news feed, in a blog post. “We will hear what people say about the experience to understand if it’s an idea worth pursuing any further.

There is no current plan to roll this out beyond these test countries or to charge pages on Facebook to pay for all their distribution in news feed or Explore.” Explore is a complementary feed of po

The test appears aimed at relieving consumers’ frustrations with the streaming nature of posts, says Rebecca Lieb, analyst and founding partner at consultancy and research firm Kaleido Insights. “Even if you’ve adjusted settings to see posts by close friends or family, it’s easy for them to slip downstream without notice, particularly if they’re not ‘voted up’ by the algorithm,” she says. The algorithm favors posts from accounts a user has previously engaged with.

The test results will be “interesting,” she adds. “I’m sure Facebook doesn’t want users to ignore page posts from brands or other pages users follow,” Lieb says. The social network could also require retailers to pay for ads to appear the friends and family feed, she says.

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Great British Business Show

The Biggest and Best Business Show in Europe is now just 4 weeks away! The show guide has just been released and it is jam packed with everything at this year’s show to help you prepare for an epic couple of days.

With our best-yet keynote speaker line-up, 170 interactive masterclasses, 350 unique exhibitors, 250 inspirational seminars, fantastic show features, 5 specially tailored Business Zones and much more, the show has something for everyone.

Make the most of this incredible content, turn your business dreams into reality and get yourself down to Olympia, London on 16th & 17th November. Make sure to click below to secure your complimentary ticket and view our digital show guide now!

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Public Service Announcement (PSA) Wi-Fi Security issue that has a wide impact

A worst-case scenario has unfolded today for Wi-Fi devices. Researchers at a university in Belgium discovered a way to completely defeat the encryption that WPA2 provides on Wi-Fi networks.

This affects all modern Wi-Fi equipment, from mobile phones to tablets to workstations, routers, printers and more. This is a big deal and has very widespread security implications.

We have had a major Wi-Fi vulnerability announced that affects absolutely every device that supports Wi-Fi. The vulnerability allows attackers to decrypt WPA2 connections. A second vulnerability also emerged today, and we will cover that at the end of this post.

The Wi-Fi vulnerability is being called “KRACK”, which is short for Key Reinstallation Attacks.

I’m going to cover the problem in relatively non-technical terms in this post so that you are able to clearly understand how this affects you and what you can do about it, right now.

Once you are done reading this, I strongly recommend you spread the word, because this Wi-Fi weakness can allow attackers to crack WPA2 which was previously thought of as a secure Wi-Fi encryption protocol.

The WPA2 Wi-Fi Vulnerability

WPA2 is a protocol that secures all modern protected Wi-Fi networks. According to statistics by Wigle.net, it secures 60% of the world’s Wi-Fi networks.

Researchers at KU Leuven, a university in Flanders in Belgium, have discovered a way for an attacker to read sensitive information that is sent over a Wi-Fi network using WPA2.

Attackers can use this to steal sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos and more. The attack works against all modern protected Wi-Fi networks.

It may also be possible for an attacker to inject malicious information into the Wi-Fi network. This could include ransomware and malware.

The vulnerability is in the Wi-Fi standard itself, and not in individual products or their implementations. That means that all products that correctly implement the WPA2 standard are affected.

If your device supports Wi-Fi, it is likely affected by this vulnerability.

Products that are known to be affected by this at this time include Android, Linux, Apple, Microsoft Windows, Linksys and more.
The list of affected vendors is enormous, and vendors including Amazon, Cisco and Netgear are scrambling to release patches to fix this issue.

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Google Doubles AdWords Budgets and Advertisers are Unhappy

Google has made a significant change to the way AdWords budgets can be used, and the advertising community is not the least bit happy.

Campaigns are now able to spend up to twice their average daily budget. The means on high traffic days, costs could soar as high as double the budget you have set.

Google says this change is being made to help advertisers better reach their goals, while noting it’s balanced by days when costs are below budget.

To help you hit your advertising goals, your campaigns can now spend up to twice your average daily budget. https://t.co/TUO08wXnl3

— Google AdWords (@adwords) October 4, 2017

Advertisers will not ever be charged more than their monthly limit, which is the number of days in a month multiplied by your average daily budget.

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Where SEO and UX meet on your site

LK Web Media think SEO only works when you use a holistic approach. Just optimising your page titles isn’t enough. It’s also about site speed and user experience (UX) (( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_experienceand )) great content is obviously a huge part of it. In a holistic approach, SEO has a lot of “teammates” that have to work together. We go into a number of areas where SEO and UX meet. Come to think of it, in a lot of ways, SEO simply targets the search engines and UX targets the visitor, both with a shared goal:

to provide the best experience possible.

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Will chatbots become part of the consumer search experience?

Recently, Bing has been experimenting with a chatbot feature directly in search results. Columnist David Freeman discusses how this shift could impact marketers.

When thinking about the future of organic search, common considerations include the impending mobile-first index, machine learning, AI, natural language processing, voice search, site speed, HTTP 2, personalization and consumer behavior changes led by the Internet of Things and digital assistants.

However, during an inspirational Future of Search meeting with the Bing team and Rik van der Kooi, corporate vice president for Microsoft advertising worldwide, discussion focused on a different topic — how chatbots could form a much greater part of the consumer search experience. Van der Kooi explained that since May in the US (Seattle area), Bing has been testing chatbots directly in paid and organic search results.

While chatbot integrations have been in the news over recent months, most people outside of the Seattle area won’t have seen them in action or truly considered how such integrations could be used.

For instance, if chatbot integrations within search results become a future reality, they could be used to carry out the following without ever leaving search results:

• Book a test drive
• Engage with customer service
• Order products and services

The possibilities are vast and shine a light on the importance of APIs and data integrations to enable the next generation of consumer interaction.

Start planning your consumer search experience now

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7 on-site SEO problems that hold back e-commerce sites

Is your e-commerce site experiencing weak organic traffic? Columnist Pratik Dholakiya shares some common issues that impact SEO for online retailers and offers a few suggestions.

Not long ago, I talked about 16 very specific on-site SEO mistakes that I see very often, and how to fix those issues.

Today, I want to shift the focus toward problems that plague e-commerce sites specifically. I’ll also be addressing on-site problems that have a bit more to do with strategy and a bit less to do with specific technical mistakes.

Finally, I wanted to make sure we had some real-world examples to refer to, so I mined case studies from the industry to demonstrate the concrete impact these changes can have on your search traffic.

Let’s take a look at these problems and what you can do to resolve them.

1. Weak product descriptions (or none at all)

2. Not including user reviews

3. No unbranded keyword optimisation

4. Focusing too heavily on transactional keywords and not developing informational content

5. Implementing poorly planned site redesigns

6. Poor migration between e-commerce platforms

7. Not optimising for your most promising keywords

It’s time to put this information to good SEO use!

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Search Engine Optimisation SEO in London

Search Engine Optimisation SEO in London

Drive traffic to your website by achieving page 1 rankings in search engines for valuable keywords. (Search Engine Optimisation SEO in London)

• An initial audit that includes a competitive review and keyword research is completed in order to build a project plan that has a clear plan for success
• On-page optimisation & internal linking is set up to maximise rankings
• Landing page creation and optimisation is put in place for each keyword
• Monthly link building and content outreach takes place in order to augment ranking growth

Find your Search Engine Optimisation SEO in London

Our SEO Promise
Our promise to every Search Engine Optimisation SEO Management Services client is
• We’ll research and give you a realistic outcome and timescale for your budget
• We’ll always make sure that you understand progress on your project and the results we’re achieving
• Unless we are 100% confident that we can exceed your expectations, we won’t take on your project
• We’ll continually invest time to understand the latest in SEO best practice so that you can stay ahead of your competition

Our Search Engine Optimisation SEO Management Services Team is committed to honest SEO, consistent with best practice to avoid future site penalties. Our policy of ongoing investment creates lengthy, strong relationships with happy, richer clients as a result.

Quality Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Search Engine Optimisation SEO in London

or just do a Google search for “SEO in London” then see the 1st organic result after the paid ad’s.

How To Get To Number 1 On Google

Replacing something that’s genuine, aged and valuable with something similar but ultimately a poor copy of what is already available is not without its perils.

SEO (search engine optimisation) was, and still can be, a bit like this and if you try to force Google’s hand where it is ranking sites organically, based on ‘merit’, Google DOES have a big surprise in store for you.

In short, there are low-risk longer-term benefits to be had with some strategies in 2017, and high-risk shorter-term benefits to be had with others.

If you run a reputable business and RELY on your website to run that business, you had probably better avoid relying on low quality techniques to promote it to the top of Google.

There Are Rules When It Comes To Ranking in Search Engines

Google disapproves of a LOT of, if not MOST old SEO tactics in 2017 and comes down hard when it detects ‘deceptive’ practices.

We strongly pay very close attention to the Quality Guidelines below, which outline some of the illicit practices that may lead to a site being removed entirely from the Google index or otherwise affected by an algorithmic or manual spam action. If a site has been affected by a spam action, it may no longer show up in results on Google.com or on any of Google’s partner sites. GOOGLE 2017
If you are at the top of competitive results you can bet Google will take a closer look at your site.

That might mean a deeper algorithmic analysis of your site or even a manual review. Google has tens of thousands of manual reviewers who rate the quality of their results pages, and the sites that feature in them.
Even today, I am cautious about all of a sudden appearing near the top of results, especially with a lower quality page.

Sometimes, it is shortly followed by a big drop, if the methods used were a little ropey.

If I bag a top ten ranking, I don’t usually push for number 1 in Google anymore – not without a strategy based entirely on making things better – low-quality link building or content production, for instance, is just not a long-term plan I want to invest my energies in anymore.

We normally concentrate on other keywords when I get into the top set of results, and on building domain quality, and usually only focus on the main term if I have a solid gold linking opportunity on a site with mega trust.

What we do is:
1. Go niche.
2. Choose realistic keywords.
3. Optimise each piece of content for your keywords.
4. Add tons of content to your site.
5. Acquire links to your site.

Contact us today so we can help you get onto page one of Google >>

Search Engine Optimisation SEO in London

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LK Web Media would like to welcome aboard…

Worldwide Cleaning Support is an international supplier of spare parts and machinery for the cleaning industry. It has been working from last 25 years in the spare part market and delivers its best service according to demand. Because of the higher demand of spare parts it also provides vacuum cleaner bags, cable packs, vacuum motors, drive broads, squeegees and batteries along with most consumable cleaning machine parts at the most competitive prices. The main aim of Worldwide Cleaning Support is to provide the best spare parts and accessories to customers throughout Europe and expand our network with our customers by recruiting strategic partners.

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Worldwide Cleaning Support

WordPress Security Update 4.8.2 – Update Immediately

WordPress Core version 4.8.2 has just been released. This is a minor update and a security release which means that your sites will update automatically within the next 24 hours unless you have disabled auto updates.

The update includes a fix to $wpdb->prepare() to help protect against SQLi injection attacks. WordPress core is not vulnerable to SQLi injection attacks directly, but certain plugins and themes may be vulnerable depending on how they use the $wpdb->prepare() function in their code. This fix alone is reason to update immediately to 4.8.2.

The release fixes five cross site scripting vulnerabilities. These are in:
• oEmbed discovery
• The visual editor
• The plugin editor
• In template names
Two path traversal vulnerabilities were fixed. These are:
• In the file unzipping code
• In the customizer

An open redirect was also fixed on the user and term editing screens. 4.8.2 also includes 6 maintenance fixes.

Now that the existence of these vulnerabilities is public, it becomes much more likely that they will be exploited. It is very important that you update as soon as possible to 4.8.2.

To update manually now you can sign into your WordPress site, mouse over the Dashboard on the top left and click ‘Updates’ and complete the update process.

Please share this information with the rest of the community to ensure everyone updates in a timely fashion. Thanks.

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