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Many site owners are unaware of the risks associated with using nulled plugins, and in many cases, they may not even be aware that a nulled plugin is installed on their site.

During a recent investigation into the prevalence of nulled plugins, we found that over 23,000 sites are running nulled versions of the Wordfence plugin. Site owners with these installations may not be aware that their Wordfence installation is a nulled plugin, so we will be alerting these site owners of the risks, and to take action to protect their sites.

Wordfence is not alone. Our investigation shows that numerous popular plugins, both paid and freemium, are often nulled and redistributed, often with malware included. In order to elevate awareness of this troubling trend, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about nulled plugins and themes.

What is a nulled plugin?
A nulled plugin is a copy of a paid premium plugin that has been modified to provide some degree of premium functionality without paying for a license. In most cases, nulled plugins and themes fail to provide full premium functionality and often contain backdoors and other malware.

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