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According to a recent study, the first page of Google search results is almost half full of Google’s own products.

Results of a recent study show nearly half of listings on the first page of search results are made up of links to Google products.

Those numbers create some concern that Google is favouring its own services, and ranking them ahead of competitors in many cases.

When looking at just the top 15% of a search results page, Google products were found to occupy 63% of the results.

The top 15% of SERPs is said to be the equivalent of the first screen on an iPhone X before scrolling down.

That’s perhaps the most damning statistic in the whole report: “For one in five searches in our sample, links to external websites did not appear on the first screen at all.”

This data comes from study conducted by The Mark-up, which involved an analysis of over 15,000 popular queries.

The key discovery coming out of the report is 41% of the first page of Google search results is taken up by Google itself.

The Mark-up provided an example of a trending search for “myocardial infarction” in which the first 4 results on the page were Google properties. It returned:

  • Google’s dictionary definition.
  • A “people also ask” box
  • A knowledge panel
  • A “related conditions” carousel leading to further Google searches

It was found that a user would have to scroll nearly halfway down the page before getting the first organic result.

A Google spokesperson responded to this study and disputed its findings on the basis that certain results shouldn’t be counted as Google properties.

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