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Another year is quickly approaching.

That means now is the perfect time to review current PPC best practices to start improving your performance.
There are opportunities to revisit the dependable PPC best practices but even more opportunity to implement new ideas into your program.

Get ready to rock PPC in 2019!

1. Review New Features in Google Ads
Another year, another Google deadline.

2. Test New Platforms
OK, PPC marketers, listen up!

3. Mobile Preference
For years, we’ve seen the usage of mobile devices for search increase.

4. Test New Features
Earlier in this post, we see a few new features you should consider testing in Google Ads 2019: Promotions extensions and Outstream video campaigns.

5. Audiences Integrated with Search
For quite some time we were limited to the keyword in search engines.

6. Learn to Use Scripts
PPC managers can learn to automate repetitive tasks in their Google Ads accounts using scripts added to the account.

7. Voice Search Preparation
You might not be getting a large quantity of voice searches yet. Most advertisers aren’t.

8. Budget Review for 2019
Some advertisers get stuck in a rut and forget to review and re-evaluate the distribution of their budgets.

9. Re-evaluate How You Report
Have you been using the same old report for years?

10. Seek Collaboration
If the PPC wheels keep spinning, going nowhere, it’s a time to step back and seek out friendly resources and second options.

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