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Better content starts with knowing what your audience cares about. Understanding these three key concepts will help keep you on the right track.

our site’s content exists for one purpose: to attract, delight, and engage your target audience.

As obvious as that statement sounds, it is surprisingly easy to lose sight of the centrality of your audience when deciding what content to create for your site.

All too typically the content ideation process is limited to things like internal brainstorming, keyword research, things we think are important about our business or service, or pure guesswork.

As useful as those approaches can be, they can all still miss the mark of knowing what your audience actually cares about.

Discovering what your audience cares about that is relevant to your business involves three understandings:

  • Understanding how people search for things relevant to you.
  • Understanding why people search for things relevant to you (intent).
  • Understanding what people want to know about things relevant to you.

Having all three of these in mind is essential to knowing exactly what kinds of content you need to produce for your audience.

Let’s look more deeply into each of those understandings and how you would research them.

1. Understanding How People Search

2. Understanding Why People Search

3. Understanding What People Want to Know


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