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7 SEO Trends That Will Make You Perform Better

Staying ahead of upcoming SEO trends will help you plan, budget, strategise, and implement a successful online business. Our industry will continue to build on the buzz and technological advancements around how end users engage with your online content.

With that said, let’s take a look at the seven most important SEO trends you should keep an eye on!

1. User Experience & Content Will Blur SEO
Our industry will continue to experience a content explosion. This means that your online content will have more competition, and your audience is going to have less patience for online content with a poor user experience.

2. Optimize for User Intent, Not Just Keyword Volume
I know, I know. You are probably thinking “this guy is crazy because keyword volume is crucial.” And you know what?
You are 100% right.
Keyword volume is still an essential component for SEO. However, finding the right keywords are even more important.

3. Voice Search Will Be the Next Search Engine Revolution
Since 2014, voice search has been changing how users find information. Voice search has been shaping SEO, even moreso today. Voice search will like prove to have the biggest impact on your SEO strategy in the coming years.
Voice search is an attractive alternative to manually typing a question because it is more convenient in many situations. The capabilities of voice search will continue to grow in popularity as the quality of results improve. We will continue to move towards interpretation and not just recognition.

4. Local Search Will Grow in a Big Way

Local SEO is still crucial for many small and medium-sized businesses. If your company wants to attract more qualified traffic and boost your sales, then you can’t go wrong by focusing on local SEO strategies.

It is no secret that more searchers are turning to their mobile devices to access online content. As more people use their mobile devices to retrieve information, they are also searching for information about local businesses.

5. Cross-channel Marketing Strategies
Your audience looks for content throughout the day. The days of desktop computers are over, and with the rise of mobile devices, you can optimize your content for consumption on different devices.
If you want to grow your online presence with cross-channel marketing, you will need to focus on more than one platform.

6. Rise of “Dense” Content

The online community is getting sick of reading short, fluffy content that lacks sustenance. While BuzzFeed and other news outlets have built their success on bite-sized content, there is a shift towards longer pieces of “epic” content.
However, as mobile consumption increases, I believe online searches will benefit from denser content. The length of content will mean less than the quality and ease of use on mobile devices.

7. Personal Branding Will Drive Business SEO Strategy
People are social creatures who value a connection beyond the economic benefits your business provides.
Personal branding has been an influential strategy for many online businesses, but this is going to be the year when personal branding establishes itself as a core piece of SEO.

LK Web Media can put all the Pieces Together

As you continue to optimise your online presence, be sure to take all the above SEO trends into consideration. How your customers are searching and consuming content is changing, so you need to change how you create and optimise content for them. Use the above tips to ensure that your SEO strategy continues to run strong!

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