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Fred Google’s Latest Update is a New Type of Quality Control Algorithm 1

The latest so-called “Fred” update has brought one thing to the forefront – SEOs can’t decide what Fred is and what specific tactic it is targeting. Is it links? Is it ads? Is it ad heaviness? Is it private blog networks, aka PBNs?

Many people are identifying symptoms of Fred, but I feel Fred is much broader in scope than simply “ad heavy” or “links” although those are clearly thrown into the mix. All signs point to Fred as being more of a next generation quality algorithm identifying various aspects of sites that make a page or site low quality, and then demoting accordingly. In other words, sites that are created to benefit the site owner and created for Google SEO purposes, but not so much the end user who ends up on one of those pages from Google search results.

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Did Google’s Fred update hit low-value content sites that focus on revenue, not users?

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