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Google Advertising Pay Per Click PPC

Although Google Adwords is a fast and effective way to reach new customers it can prove to be an extremely expensive way of advertising.
Three Quick Adwords Tips:

1) Location Services

Make sure that your Adverts only appear in the area’s you are able to service your clients, believe it or not this is the single biggest factor for wasted clicks on Adwords!

2) Negative Keywords

Last thing you want to be doing is wasting good money on people searching for ‘jobs’ or ‘free’ related information so be sure to add these type of phrases to your negative keywords.

3) Ad Schedule

Are you a 24 hour a day business? If not and you are yet to create a bespoke time schedule you will also be wasting money on clicks!

Final Point – Have you Tried SEO?

The chances are you will still be spending what you are now forever in order to maintain your traffic. It might be worth looking at some fixed listings (through SEO) which we can help you with.

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