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How to prepare your web pages

The process of optimising your pages so that they can be found on the first search result page is called ‘search engine optimisation’ (SEO). If your website is listed for the right keywords, you will get many new customers.

There are several things that have to be done to get high rankings. Optimising websites for search engines can be quite intimidating if you are new to the topic. Fortunately, LK Web Media offers many services that help you to get things done as efficiently as possible:

• Keyword research tools

Find related keywords that deliver targeted website visitors with the keyword research in LK Web Media. Find out how many visitors you will get through these keywords.

• Web page optimisation tools

The website audit tool analyses your web pages and it shows the technical things that have to be changed to make sure that search engines can index your pages correctly.

The Top 10 Optimizer tool in LK Web Media analyses individual pages of your site and it shows you how to change these pages so that they get high rankings for your keywords.

• Link building tools

Links are a very important factor in the ranking algorithms of Google and other search engines. The link building tools in LK Web Media help you to get new backlinks, to analyse the links of any website, and to manage your link building activities.

• Position monitoring

The Ranking Monitor in LK Web Media monitors the position of your web pages on Google, Google Mobile, Bing and Yahoo in all countries. You can even check your rankings from the city-level.

• Competitive intelligence

Spy on the AdWords campaigns of your competitors and get new ideas for your own campaigns. You can also analyse the Google rankings of competing websites.

• Uptime monitoring

It is very important that your website is not down. The Uptime Monitor in LK Web Media informs you immediately when your website is down.

The tools in LK Web Media help you to optimise your web pages as quickly as possible.

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