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SEO generally involves a bit of shifting around tags, carefully creating highways for crawlers to find your pages, and meticulously linking authoritative websites to slowly climb up the rankings.

While it’s true that the “if you build it, they will come” approach to web content does not actually drive traffic – because good content doesn’t always bubble to the surface – it’s also true that the limits of your content are the limits of your ranking.

Think of your content as the potential ceiling for your page ranking, and your SEO strategies as the actual progress toward that page ranking.

Even with perfectly optimized pages, B grade content probably won’t rise to a #1 Google ranking.

On the other hand, A+ grade content without SEO may start to go stale and acquire mould on the second page of Google.

Put aside your Excel sheets, keyword research, and optimization guides for just a minute.

Let’s talk about the nuts and bolts of SEO-friendly content that has the potential to rank #1.

1. Add Variety to Your Content

2. Make Sure Your Writing Is Polished

3. Use Long-form & Short-form Content

4. Know the Difference Between Authority vs. Originality

5. Think of Mobile Optimization (But Don’t Forget About Desktop)

6. Make the Form Match the Content

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