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Want to delight your first-time visitors?

Above all, get to the point right away.

So with that in mind, this post has two parts:

  • Things you should ALWAYS do.
  • Things you should NEVER do.

6 Things You Should Always Do

1. Make the Landing Page Purpose Crystal Clear Obvious (& Relevant) to the Visitor

2. Load Quickly 

3. Display Properly

4. Provide Reassurance to the First-Time Visitor

5. Communicate to the Visitor’s Emotional Need Before the Rational Part of Their Brain

6. Provide Clear & Relevant Navigation Links

4 Things You Should Never Do

Use the list above as a checklist, but you will definitely not delight your visitors if any of the following conditions exist on your page:

1. Ads Aren’t Just Present… They Take Control of Your Experience

2. Do Not Immediately Put an Obstacle or Distraction That Offers No Value to the Visitor

3. Do Not Require Some Type of Plugin Just to View the Content

4. Drive Potential Customers to a Page with a Discontinued Product


Bottom Line

Before even building a landing page, ask yourself (or your team) the following simple questions:

  • Why is the visitor landing on your page?
  • What would they be looking for believing it can be found on your page?
  • What must we provide that will make them believe they’re exactly where they want to be once they land on our page?

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