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Why Prioritisation Is Critical to SEO Success in 2019

SEO is a new(er) marketing practice, which creates unique challenges and added scrutiny.

Limited Budget & Resources

Often, the only resource you have as an in-house SEO is yourself.

You may not have a full team to rely on, so prioritising when and how work will be done becomes paramount.

Collaboration Is a Must

You typically need to collaborate with another department to fully realise your SEO plans.

Prioritising work with the most responsive departments (or those you have the best relationships with) will help you get the ball rolling, and allow your campaign to build momentum as you tackle more difficult collaborations later on.

Proving Efficacy & Demonstrating ROI

Obtaining buy-in — and budget — is difficult to begin with.

Unless you show results quickly it can be even more challenging to keep that budget.

Prioritising SEO projects that require the least amount of resources and provide the most impact is critical during the early stages of a campaign.

SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time and sustained effort to fully realise the benefits of the work.

However, prioritising the path of least resistance will help you demonstrate early returns, empowering you to achieve your larger goals over the course of a campaign.

There are three areas where prioritisation is key:

  • On-site and technical optimisation.
  • Content creation and repurposing.
  • Link building.

Prioritising appropriately within these three areas will set your SEO campaign up for success.

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