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Your Boss gets an Email Saying your SEO Sucks

Everyone is always trying to steal my business.

I know that my clients are constantly bombarded with messages from other “SEO practitioners” who are disparaging our work.

The proliferation of cheap (or free) simplistic tools that provide surface-level “analysis” of on-page SEO factors has empowered any would-be SEO practitioner to approach any and every website on the Internet with an urgent message:

Your SEO sucks and I can fix it.

The pitch is simple.

Run a quick report on a site and send the report to the site owner with a note – your SEO is not working.

You need to do more.

I can help.

Of course, this is nothing new.

I don’t know of an SEO professional who has been in the business for more than a minute and hasn’t run some version of this pitch.

I have said on multiple occasions – I don’t care how good your SEO is, I can find something wrong with it.

SEO is not an exact science – and there are hundreds of mitigating factors that go into a campaign.

Many times, one person will do something different than another – and both SEO tactics will work

Other times, site limitations will prevent implementation of a known SEO best practice.

And sometimes SEO items are prioritized based on the number of resources available to get things done. Budgets are real.

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