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5 Ways to Optimise Your WooCommerce Store’s Performance

Why Your WooCommerce Store’s Performance Is Vital

If we conducted a survey asking for the primary web pet peeves, we’d wager that clickbait titles, intrusive popups, and slow-loading pages are near the top. Most visitors have notoriously little patience for slow websites. This means the longer your pages take to load, the bigger the chance your users will decide to look elsewhere.

When it comes to e-commerce stores, lost traffic due to slow loading times will affect your bottom line. In 2012, Amazon estimated that a single extra second in loading times could cost them as much as £1 billion each year. However, you’re probably not racking up similar sales per day, which makes every dollar count more.

In the past, we’ve talked several times about how to optimise WordPress for better performance. However, for this article, we’re going to focus on how to improve WooCommerce sites specifically.

5 Ways to Optimize Your WooCommerce Store’s Performance

1. Compress and Resize Your Product Images
2. Clean Up Your Database Regularly
3. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
4. Set Up a Caching Solution
5. Use a Solid WordPress Hosting Provider
Do you have any questions about how to optimise your WooCommerce store’s performance? Let’s talk about.

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