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The best web browser 2017

When did you last try a new browser?

Most of us tend to choose a web browser and stick with it for years. It can be hard to break away from your comfort zone – especially when you’ve become used to its quirks – but trying a different browser can greatly improve your experience on the web.

Whether it’s enhanced security, improved speed, or greater flexibility through customizable options and plugins, the right browser can have a huge effect on your online life. Here we’ve put the biggest browsers through their paces (plus one that you might not be familiar with) to identify the one that does the best job of ticking all those boxes, but if you have a particular concern then read on to see if there’s an alternative that might be better suited to your needs.

1. Google Chrome
If your PC has the resources, Chrome is 2017’s best browser
Download here: https://www.google.com/chrome

2. Opera
An underrated browser, with a superb Turbo mode for slow connections
Download here: http://www.opera.com

3. Microsoft Edge
Edge – Microsoft’s new browser – offers full integration with Windows 10
Download here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/microsoft-edge

4. Mozilla Firefox
A divisive choice these days – Firefox is very flexible, but can feel sluggish
Download here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/new

5. Vivaldi
Build your ideal browser with Vivaldi’s unique docking and tab-stacking
Download here: https://vivaldi.com

6. Microsoft Internet Explorer
IE is fast and efficient, but less expandable than Firefox and Chrome
Download here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/internet-explorer-11-for-windows-7-details.aspx

7. Tor Browser
Not just a browser – a whole set of browsing tools with security at its heart
Download here: https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en

So why don’t you try a new one today ??

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