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Why the future is all about PASO — personal assistant search optimisation

Have you started considering voice search in your SEO strategy? Columnist John Lincoln explains why this should be top of mind for forward-thinking search marketers.

Personal assistants (PAs) aren’t just digital assistants that can be used to perform routine tasks. They’re also the future of SEO.

Consider two of the most popular PAs: Siri and Google Assistant. People often use those assistants to retrieve information.

And where do you think those PAs get that information from? Somewhere on the web.

Here’s what you need to know about how PAs will shape the future of SEO, and why I’m calling this a new category, personal assistant search optimisation (PASO).

They’re on smartphones
Results are tailored to users
Fewer results on a PA search
Personal assistant results likely have high click-through rates

Is your website ready for voice search???


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