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Googles latest tool aims to help retailers find new customers

Google have rolled out similar audiences for search and Google Shopping, which enable merchants to find consumers similar to their existing customers.

Google is looking to make it easier for retailers and other advertisers to find customers who share interests with their existing customers by rolling out similar audiences for its Google Shopping ads, as well as search ads.

Google draws the similar audiences based on past visitors to a retailer’s website, which it gathers via its remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) tool. Google also announced that its Customer Match targeting tool for Shopping campaigns is available to advertisers around the globe.

When a retailer uses similar audiences for search, Google targets users who are searching the same terms as users recently added to the merchant’s RLSA lists. That means it uses information such as the searches users performed when they landed on, or bought from, a retailer’s site.

For instance, if a sporting goods retailer creates a remarketing list of consumers who bought running shoes, that merchant can use similar audiences to determine if the shoppers tended to search for “triathlon training” or “buy lightweight running shoes” before coming to the site and making a purchase. Based on that information, Google’s similar audiences will then find other consumers who use similar search terms, such as those who search for “buy lightweight running shoes.”

In testing similar audiences for Shopping ads, GameStop Corp., No. 45 in the Internet Retailer 2017 Top 1000, found new customers who were “just as enthusiastic as the gamers who regularly visit our site,” says Matthew Gordon, the retailer’s multichannel acquisition manager. Since the retailer began using similar audiences with its Shopping ads, its conversion rate on those ads has increased roughly 30%.

Google also rolled out customer match for shopping campaigns globally. The tool enables a retailer to upload its email lists to find its customers when they search shopping ads on Google.

The tool enables an online apparel retailer, for example, to connect with its rewards members by using its “rewards members” customer email list to show them relevant shopping ads featuring the latest spring styles.

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